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Bus Status


Do you use the Bus Status app on your phone or mobile device? Click here for important information

If the button is green, all district buses are running as scheduled. If the button is not green, there is at least one change in the schedule. Click the button to learn more.

Download directions for downloading and using the mobile app.

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It is the goal of the transportation department to ensure that students are transported safely and in the most efficient manner to and from school each day.

Students who are residents of Great Valley School District are eligible for transportation. The supervision of students between residences and bus stops is the parent’s responsibility. 

Students should be at their assigned bus stop ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled time.  If the student is not at the bus stop when the bus arrives, the driver will not wait. Please note that waiting inside the house is not considered being physically at the bus stop.

While we try to minimize the walking distance to the bus stop, Pennsylvania law stipulates that a student may be required to walk up to 1.5 miles (elementary) or 2 miles (secondary) to their assigned bus stop.

Student behavior on the bus is expected to be the same as in the classroom. Please see our rules and regulations for more information.To report behavioral concerns, please contact your building principal.

Useful Transportation-Related Information


Carrie Fell, Supervisor

(610) 889-2133
Bus routes, walking routes, bus load counts, questions regarding school district transportation guidelines

Krapf Bus Company

(610) 917-8660, ext. 1
Driver performance, missing students, lost items, bus equipment, a bus that did not show up or is late

Norcross Transportation

(610) 647-5485
Transportation not needed, late van, lost items, driver performance