Negotiations Update: October 8, 2018

We have had extensive discussions about the Fact Finder’s Report in Executive Session.

As we set out for this contract negotiation, our stated goals were:

  • Negotiate a contract that allows the district to continue to preserve and protect the high-quality programs that are hallmarks of the Great Valley School District and necessary for the district’s continued success.
  • Implement a health care plan that provides fair coverage for employees but also helps to lower its massive increases in health care premiums to the school district.
  • Remain competitive by offering a compensation package that continues to attract and retain high-quality teachers.
  • Provide parameters that maximize employee time and professional development while offering a supportive and collaborative working environment.

We feel confident that this fact finder’s report meets our intended goals.

As per regulations following a vote, a printed copy of the Fact Finder’s Report is available.  The District Website will also be updated with the report, as well as all current information no later than tomorrow.


Fact Finding Report Overview (as presented on October 8, 2018)

Fact Finding Report (complete)

Press Release (released October 8, 2018, after vote)