Finance and Operations

  1. As any position becomes ‘open’, implement an analytical process to determine best approach for position;
    1. Metrics:
      1. For every position within the Administrative Team, create a succession plan;
      2. Evidence of reallocation of staff to best meet the needs of the students and overall system efficiencies;
      3. Evidence of an analysis of each ‘open’ position to determine: transfer, elimination, full-time, part-time, job description changes, etc.
  2. Continue to implement and adjust as needed the 5-year plan that is sustainable within the estimated future Act 1 Index with considerations to changes in debt service and capital needs;
    1. Metric:
      1. Completed plan presented and updated at the Finance Committee Meetings held throughout the 2019-2020 School Year.
  3. Continue the implementation of a consistent method for  reverse tax appeals aligned to Board policy, regulations, and current legal decisions;
    1. Metric:
      1. Presentation of all properties included in the annual report to the Board that fall within the established threshold set by Board policy.
  4. Meet quarterly with all District municipalities to monitor long range capital needs and address projected enrollment and building needs;
    1. Metrics: 
      1. Present municipality growth / development reports to the Facilities Committee following each quarterly meeting;
      2. In meeting with representative municipalities, include updates / information sharing related to the Feasibility Study.
  5. Facilitate the process of the Feasibility Study in collaboration with Schrader Group to utilize current facility status, enrollment projections, and building usage to provide long term options to address District needs within the next 3-5 years.
    1. Metrics:
      1. Evidence of inclusive opportunities for stakeholders’ involvement in the process of design and function of the future;
      2. Presentation of Feasibility Study options to the Board within the 2019-2020 School Year.
  6. Coordinate the process of finalizing the Act 93 Agreement between the Administration and the Board;
    1. Metric:
      1. A finalized agreement will be in place no later than July 1, 2020.