Communication and Culture

  1. Utilize performance feedback from multiple stakeholders.
    1. Metrics:
      1. Continue online survey opportunities annually to all parents/guardians following IEP and GIEP meetings. Increase the sharing of data to include building leadership teams and special / gifted education staff.  Continue to use data to monitor the perception of program effectiveness;
      2. Continue various surveys (Youth Truth; Athletics) for parents, staff, and community members, while adding a student component, to gauge satisfaction and areas of strength and concern. Public reporting of outcome data at regular intervals throughout the school year will take place including response rate, key findings, and action steps aligned to District Goals;
      3. Provide an annual report of survey results to the community;
      4. Utilize the 360 Evaluation System with a focus on the Superintendent to gain multi-perspective feedback including action planning for improvement.
  2. Foster a cultural change in which all maintain a mindset of service and collaboration with colleagues, students, parents, and community.
    1. Metrics:
      1. Establish and maintain ‘issue specific groups’ representative of varied and multiple stakeholders to provide insight to the Administration / Board with reports identifying suggestions and updates presented at time-relevant intervals, i.e., Safety Council; Council for Diversity and Inclusion;
      2. Continue and expand the internal recognition system to identify ‘Points of Patriot Pride’ throughout the District. Increase opportunities to receive external nominations throughout the District increasing overall nominations by at least 10%. Incorporate an electronic system for nominations and reminders;
      3. Create and execute a social media campaign to recognize staff and students throughout the year.