Classroom Volunteers

CLASSROOM VOLUNTEERS are involved in classroom teaching/learning situations which directly enhance student progress. Examples include:
  • Learning Assistant - works with teachers in developing student reading, writing and computation skills (e.g., readers, listeners, etc.)    
  • Special Classroom Assistant - helps in Family and Consumer Science classes (sewing or cooking units), accompanying for choral groups, assist in art projects, provide golf instruction for physical education class.
    Learning Support Tutor - assists individual students to upgrade basic skills or develop concept understanding - all levels.
  • ESL Assistant - (English as a Second Language) - helps ESL students under direction of the ESL teacher and/or classroom teacher.
    Resource Person/Guest Speaker - presents particular area of expertise/interest to classes and small groups.
    Guidance Office - (high school), responsibilities include filing of catalogs, working with college representatives, helping students research schools and job opportunities.