WOB - September 2

Posted by Mark Cellini on 9/2/2019 4:00:00 PM

Good evening students and families!

Below is the first Weekly Orchestra Blog (WOB) of the 2019-2020 school year.  For any family new to GVMS Orchestras, I will send out the WOB every Sunday night (or, in this case, Monday ... the night before our next school day!).  In it, you will find news, updates, and important information for the upcoming week.  As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

GVMS Music Program Update:  There are a lot of exciting changes in the GVMS music department for this year!  More detailed information will be coming home with students tomorrow, but as a quick preview:

All students in the GVMS Orchestra program are enrolled in two separate courses:

  1. Ensemble Rehearsals: These are our 8th period rehearsals that meet two days per cycle. These are the exact same as they have been in years past!
    • All 7th & 8th grade students are enrolled in Symphonic Orchestra, which meets Days 1/2.
    • All 6th grade students are enrolled in String Orchestra, which meets Days 5/6.
  2. General Music – Orchestra Concentration (aka String Tech): This is a new course offered this year that will combine elements of General Music class and what used to be our pull-out lessons.
    • All Orchestra students are scheduled for their String Tech class on Days 5/6 during one of their Special Areas rotations (it should be listed as “General Music” with me as the teacher).


6th Grade Orchestra Members:  Just a reminder, our first String Tech class and 8th period rehearsal are tomorrow ... I'm looking forward to working with all of you!  You do not need your instrument tomorrow, but we will play on Wednesday.   Lots of information will be coming home tomorrow afternoon ... stay tuned!

7th & 8th Grade Orchestra Members:  Our first String Tech class is tomorrow, as well!  Please be sure to bring your instrument to school tomorrow ... We'll be giving them all a once-over to check for any issues, check to see if your instrument is the correct size, and more!
Back to School Night (Thurs. 9/5): We will have an opportunitiy to meet briefly on Thursday evening, but unfortunately the BTSN schedule doesn't give us much time to meet as a group.  I will be available before Back to School Night to talk with anyone who may be interested.  Please feel free to come down to the instrumental room (Room 158) between 6:30 and 7:00 with any questions you may have or if you just want to say hello! 
Private Lessons:  All middle school students should seriously consider taking private lessons outside of school.  The benefits of private study can be seen in school orchestra/lessons, as well as in improved responsibility, time management, and love for music!  I have a list of local private teachers that I would be happy to share with anyone who is interested.  Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions!
Orchestra Schedule:  The Orchestra schedule for this week is as follows ......
   MondayNo School ... Labor Day
   Tuesday (Day 5): String Tech (6/7/8) & String Orchestra 
   Wednesday (Day 6): String Tech (6/7/8) & String Orchestra
   Thursday (Day 1):  Symphonic Orchestra 
   Friday (Day 2): Symphonic Orchestra 
Have a great week!
Mr. Cellini