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GVSD Shares Plan for Off-Season Student Participation

The Great Valley School District shared a plan at the June 29 School Board meeting that will allow the district to welcome students and staff back for off-season voluntary athletic practice and marching band practice. The plan includes precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and outlines guidelines for facility care and cleaning, as well as considerations for both students and staff in every color designation (red, yellow, green).

The Off-Season Voluntary Return to Participation Plan mandates that all staff and students complete the Great Valley School District COVID-19 Awareness Training prior to returning to Great Valley High School program activities. All off-season programs will be voluntary and will take place on district property. To avoid the overlap of student groups, all student arrival and departure will be scheduled. Students will be responsible for cleaning their own individual school-issued equipment/instruments, but shared equipment and instruments will be cleaned by the district before each practice.  

“It is important that everyone who participates in the athletic and band programs actively works to minimize the risk of COVID-19,” said Athletic Director Michael Semar. “While we look forward to welcoming back our students and staff, the safety of our community remains our number one goal.”

According to the plan, staff will design activities that stress social distancing and hygiene. Locker rooms will not be available to students, and students are required to bring their own hydration as shared water bottles, coolers, and the use of water fountains will not be allowed. All participants must complete a health screening, including a temperature check prior to practice.

Pre-season athletics may begin at Great Valley High School the week of July 13, with each team responsible for establishing its own off-season schedule. A three-day mini band camp at the high school will begin on July 14. The Off-Season Voluntary Return to Participation Plan is available under the Summer Updates tab on the district’s website.