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School Closings

Information about transportation changes due to inclement weather is available from a variety of sources. Our district code is 855.

The decision not to open the district schools means that all transportation for public and nonpublic students is suspended.  Any nonpublic student whose school is in session must provide his own transportation to and from school.

Nonpublic students will be transported using the same guidelines as public students.  When Great Valley is closed due to inclement weather, the district will not transport students to any school.  When Great Valley is following a two (2) hour delayed opening, transportation to all schools will be delayed by two (2) hours.

If a nonpublic school is on a two (2) hour delay and Great Valley School District is on a regular schedule, all nonpublic schools will be bused following Great Valley’s schedule.  The nonpublic schools are responsible to have someone at their facility to receive their students.

Due to the current economic climate and budget constraints, the Great Valley School District has had to eliminate early dismissals during school year.  Unfortunately, this means we will be unable to provide any early dismissal busing for non-public schools.  On dates when a non-public school has an early dismissal, Great Valley will bus the students to school in the morning, however parents will be responsible for transporting their children home.  We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you understand the issues surrounding the current economy and its affect on the budgets of schools.