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GVSD Studying World Languages Program

The Great Valley School District is partnered with Hanover Research Group (Hanover) to examine its World Languages Program. Currently, GVSD has a World Languages program that includes German, Latin, French, and Spanish. Students take an exploratory program in 7th grade that exposes them to each language. Then, starting in 8th grade, students focus on one language, and traditionally continue learning this language as they move into high school.

GVSD is interested in garnering key stakeholder perceptions of the World Languages program. To do that, Hanover Research Group will conduct a series of focus groups in January 2023 that will include families, staff, alumni, and business professionals. Those interested in participating in a focus group around the topic of World Languages are asked to express their interest by completing an online INTEREST FORM.

Hanover will conduct a total of six online focus groups in January 2023. The days and times of the focus groups are dependent on participant availability. Each focus group will last approximately 90 minutes. Submitted interest forms will be screened by Hanover Research Group and participants will be selected to represent a diversity of voices and experiences. Those selected to participate will hear directly from Hanover Research Group between December 19 and January 9.

GVSD will use data from the focus groups, along with other research currently being conducted, to make recommendations to the School Board related to its World Languages program.