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Mask-Optional Moved to Monday, 2/28/22

Dear GVSD Community,

Late yesterday afternoon, the CDC released updated guidance that eased its guidelines on masking, including in schools. This reflects the substantial drop in cases, as well as the decreased risks from the Omicron variant, and will prompt GVSD to move to a mask-optional environment starting this Monday, February 28, instead of the original date of Monday, March 7.

The relaxed masking guidelines are the result of CDC’s identification of three new COVID-19 community levels: low, medium, and high. Masks are not recommended for people in counties in the low or medium level. Chester County is in the medium level.

Additional information includes:

  • Masks are no longer required on school vehicles, per CDC guidance.
  • The most recent District Health and Safety Plan support these changes. 
  • Masks will remain available in our schools for any student or staff member who wants to wear one.
  • Contact your child’s principal with any concerns you may have regarding medical accommodations.

We acknowledge that this change may cause uneasiness for some families and staff. GVSD fully supports every student and staff member and their choice of whether or not to wear a mask. In putting the health and safety of our community first, we expect all those who attend our schools and work in the District to respect the choices made by others. We will not collect information about our families’ masking preferences, and our staff will not be enforcing family masking preferences during the day.

Even in a mask-optional environment, the following CCHD guidance is required:

  • Close contacts who are NOT vaccinated must quarantine for 5 days. If no symptoms develop, quarantine may end after 5 days, but masking in public (including school) should continue for an additional 5 days, per CCHD quarantine guidance.
  • For close contacts who are vaccinated, masking is recommended for 10 days.
  • Those who test positive, regardless of vaccination status, must stay home and isolate for 5 days. If symptoms improve, isolation may end, but masking for an additional 5 days is required, per CCHD isolation guidance.

As always, thank you for your continued partnership as we continue to navigate this pandemic together. We will keep you updated if and when any additional changes to our mitigation efforts are made.


Daniel F. Goffredo, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools