Microsoft Teams

  • As the name implies, Microsoft Teams is where students will gather online to collaborate and participate in synchronous or live instruction. Your student’s iPad is already loaded with an app that directs the student to the Teams platform.

    DOWNLOAD DIRECTIONS FOR JOINING MICROSOFT TEAMS (includes screen-shots) / Cómo unirse a Microsoft Teams

    To Join Microsoft Teams:

    Step One:

    • Open the Teams app, already loaded on your iPad.

    Step Two:

    • Your iPad may already be logged in.  If so, skip to step 4.
    • If you are not logged in, please enter your email address which is your first initial + lastname + 2digitgradyear, followed by
    • For

    Step Three: 

    • Enter your password and click “Sign in.”

    Step Four: 

    • Now that you are logged into Teams, you will see the teams for which you are a part.

    Step Five:

    • Click on Calendar at the bottom of the screen.

    Step Six:

    • Click "Join" on the meeting you want to join.

    To see these steps illustrated in a video, please watch our "Back to School Tips" video (for K-5), or scroll down to watch the 6-12 video.

Accessing Teams, 6-12