This page will explain the process students who are eligible for candidacy to the Ed Off Memorial Chapter of the NJHS will need to follow.
    Students who are eligible for consideration for NJHS membership will be given a letter by the guidance counselor during lunch.  Students who are considering NJHS may wish to speak with current members to learn more about the activities for members.
    The Candidacy Form:
    It is highly recommended that all students who are interested in completing the form make a copy to practice on.  The candidacy form must be completed and turned into the office by the due date listed on the letter of invitation.  It is always a good idea to ask current members any questions that may come up; input from a current member may be helpful to the candidate.
    The Teacher Recommendations:
    Students are responsible to obtain three teacher recommendations for this process.  The forms are provided at the meeting along with the aforementioned letter.  Of the three recommendations, at least two must be from current year teachers.  It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the completed recommendations are returned in sealed envelopes signed by the teachers on the sealed flap and to make sure these recommendations are attached to the candidacy form and turned into the office no later than the due date provided. 
    Please be aware of the due date that is on the letter for the current cycle of candidates.  All materials need to be turned into the main office no later than the due date.