Volunteer Opportunities


    As Volunteer Opportunities within the community become available they will be posted here. Please check back through out the year.  Volunteer opportunities posted here are for any student who may be interested, not exclusive to current NJHS members.  The NJHS is always looking for Volunteer Opportunities appropriate for middle school students; if you have a suggestion please come see Mrs. Search or Mrs. McGovern or speak with one of the officers.


    The People's Pantry at Church Road 

    Is looking for clean t-shirts that can be used to create personal face masks for their clients. Please use the link for directions as to how to create a face mask if you are interested. *Note we estimate about 12 - 15" of the t-shirt should be cut off the bottom. Donations are being accepted on Tuesday from 10 AM - 12 PM and there will be ongoing opportunities for donating. Please place your t-shirt(s) and/or masks in a ziplock baggie and mark it "clean" with the quantity of the items in the baggie.



    GVCO Caring Hands is looking for volunteers!

    Go to https://www.gvco.org/ to get more information and find a sign up link.