• Elementary Social Studies

    Students in Great Valley experience an integrated study of the social sciences and humanities in order to foster their ability to make informed decisions as citizens of our global world.

    Curriculum Design
    The elementary Social Studies curriculum  consists of units of study, which integrate all social studies standard areas  (history, geography, economics, and civics/government). It was designed in a K-12 process to ensure all critical content is addressed at a given grade level.  Through this process, teachers were able to understand what other grade levels teach so they can build and extend content, and that content is sequenced with increasing difficulty levels. Teachers from all grade levels are involved in writing curriculum revisions.  The curriculum is designed and referenced to both state and national standards, best instructional practices, and 21st Century Skills.    
    Instructional Materials 
    The instructional materials for social studies are nonfiction books rather than a textbook, which is a research-based practice. These materials provide students with more engaging, high interest books as an information source. Nonfiction books focus more intently on specific information as well as providing primary source documents and photographs. They also provide opportunities for students to experience first-hand what life was like during the time period they are studying through the journals, diaries, and stories included in the text. Some grade levels are also including historical fiction to supplement and deepen understanding.