• Instructions and Tutorials
    In an effort to help you access materials and complete tasks more simply, I've created a series of screencasts and podcasts to explain various procedures.  Click the links below to access your needed information.

    Classroom Forms and Policies
    Here you will find information on and applications for:
    • Class participation guide
    • Re-doing an Assessment
    • Re-writing a paper
    • Absentee Policy

    First, open the 
    Turnitin.com Information page so you have your class ID and password.
    • NEW USERS:  If you do not already have an accountView this video tutorial on how to create an account for turnitin.com.
    • PREVIOUS USERS:  You just need to enroll in my class.  Watch this video tutorial on how to do that.
    • ALL:  Click here for a video tutorial on how to submit a paper to turnitin.com.
    • View a screencast explaining the requirements and how to meet them.
    • Here is a document explaining the Formats for all Papers.
    • Here is a screencast explaining how to Correctly Embed Quotations.
    • Here is a screencast explaining how to format and properly cite quotations, both short and block.
    • Here is an AMAZINGLY helpful page that explains how to format Works Cited entries for any number of different sources.  I highly recommend all use it often.
    • View this screencast of how to log on to wikispaces.com.  The layout is slightly different now, BUT you should still be able to navigate it relatively easily.
    • Click here for written instructions on how to log on to wikispaces.com
    Email Etiquette
        By Joshua Uebergang (For primary online source, click the title in the Word Document.)