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    What kind of digital devices will students be able to bring to school? 
    Students will be able to bring laptop computers, tablet computers, e-readers. No SmartPhones will be allowed.
    Will students be required to bring digital devices from home?
    No.  There are computers in the school that can be used if a computer is required for a class.
    How will students be protected from inappropriate content?
    Students must access the internet through the GVSD_OPEN network.   The school network is filtered in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
    I have a data plan from a provider (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.). Can my child access the internet through that plan without using the GVSD_OPEN network?
    No. All students must use the GVSD_OPEN network as required by the Acceptable Use Policy.  Students should NOT access the internet through a cellular provider while on campus.
    What happens when a teacher feels that the use of a digital device is inappropriate for a particular activity or time period?
    The teacher has the final say on all activities and procedures in the classrooms.  Students will be expected to comply with all teacher directions regarding digital devices.   
    What happens if a student's device is damaged or lost?
    The district will not be responsible for damaged or lost technology.  
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