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  • BYOT - Acceptable Devices
    **Microsoft Surface with Windows RT does not currently work with the Virtual Desktop.  This is an issue with VMWare software and Windows RT.
    Computers - Just about any laptop or netbook will work on our network and is acceptable.  The device must have a working web browser so the students can access the tools needed.  Windows 7/8 or Apple or operating system should work without an issue.
    Mobile Devices - iPads, Android Tablets, and other devices should work on our network.   
    Which device should I bring? - This depends on the classes you have and the projects you are working on.  Mobile devices are good because they are small and easy to carry.  They are great for researching, planning and collaborating.  They are not as good to create new products.  Laptops and netbooks are heavier to carry around but are better for creating new projects.  
    Virtual Desktop - You will most likely want to access our virtual desktop so you will want to make sure you have a device that has a client.  Click here to see if your device is listed.  
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