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  • Device Fee

    Because the 1:1 initiative constitutes a considerable investment for GVSD and our families, two efforts are made to protect the devices.

    • First, a Zagg rugged keyboard case is provided for every iPad.  Its durable design helps to deflect impact from the iPad to prevent damage.  The keyboard case comes with a one-year warranty.
    • Second, Apple Care is provided for each device to extend warranty coverage for all of the iPads purchased through the 1:1 initiative. 

    Technology Fee


    The parent/guardian is responsible to pay the $75 technology fee associated with each 1:1 device. 

    • Payments can be made online through PayForIt, or by check.
    • All checks should be made payable to the Great Valley School District.
    • All checks should be turned in at the time of pickup.
    • Fee is waived for students eligible for free and reduced lunch, if you completed the 'Permission to Share Information' form.

    No Fee Received

    Students who do not qualify for free and reduced lunch and do not pay the $75 fee cannot take the device home. The parent will assume the full cost of repairs and replacement ($660) for damage or loss. GVSD will provide the student with a loaner device that will be checked in and out each day and not permitted to go home with the student.

    Apple Care

     iPad Cords and Chargers



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