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  • Device Care

    The iPads for the 1:1 program are the property of GVSD and are on loan to the students.  The conditions surrounding this equipment can be equated to those of a textbook or a school-issued calculator.  Students are expected to keep the iPad in good condition.  Failure to do so may result in bills for repair and replacement.


    Faulty or Damaged Equipment


    The price that the district paid for the iPads includes: the iPad, iPad cases & keyboard, power cords, and a three year Apple Care warranty.

    Faulty Equipment

    Occasionally unexpected problems do occur with the iPad that are not the fault of the user. The technology department will assist students with fixing these issues at no cost to the parent/guardian.

    Damaged Equipment

    The student is responsible for returning damaged equipment to the designated exchange location in their school.  GVSD will send damaged equipment to Apple.  The parent/guardian is not charged for the first two instances of accidental damage.  The parent/guardian is financially responsible for all subsequent claims, after two.

    iPad Exchange Policy

    The school has a loaner pool of exchange iPads available if the iPad issued to a student stops working. If an iPad breaks down or is need of repair, a student will be able to exchange it out for another.

    Lost or Stolen Equipment


    High School Repair Procedure


    Elementary School Repair Procedure


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