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  • Device Security

    GVSD strives to maintain the safety and security of our network.  Students who identify or know about a security problem are expected to convey the details to their teacher without discussing it with other students.

    In our effort to protect student security, each student will be given a secure login to programs like Office 365, Canvas or other programs.  These accounts will be used by the authorized user of the account for its authorized purpose.  Students may not share their passwords with other students.

    iPad Security

    Balanced Approach

    Two primary forms of security exist: network firewall and internet filtering.  GVSD strives to strike a balance between usability of the equipment and appropriate security to prevent units from being used to cause damage to the Great Valley School District network. 

    Network Security

    In order to protect the network and the iPads, students should not download or install software on the iPad, remove software or change the system settings.

    Internet Filtering at the School

    GVSD maintains an on-site internet filtering software package.  This program automatically filters all student access to the internet.

    Mobile Device Management System


    The iPads in the 1:1 program are designated for educational purposes.  In order to maintain space on the iPads, the district uses a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, called Airwatch, to remotely install/uninstall applications and to control the settings on the devices.    


    One of the primary purposes of the Airwatch is to purchase and provision the iPads with Apps to meet teacher and student learning goals. The MDM also ensures that proper licensing of the Apps is maintained.


    GVSD uses Airwatch to control settings on the iPads, so that they can be optimized for student learning.

    Lost or Stolen iPads

    Our MDM can be used to locate lost and stolen devices.  If the device is turned on, the MDM can use location services to locate the lost or stolen device.  Once the device is located, GVSD would work in cooperation with state and local police to retrieve the device.


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