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  • Device FAQs

    Our family owns an iPad. Can my child use it instead of a school iPad?

    No. School-owned iPads are specially configured and managed to enhance functionality and student safety. Also, our educational team has carefully chosen a suite of apps to support student learning. Having a consistent platform will enable our teachers and students to create an effective learning environment.

    What if I just don’t want my child to have an iPad?

    The iPads are an integral part of the student’s educational experience. Student will need the iPad to complete assignments, collaborate with classmates, access assessments, and complete interactive assignments. Teachers will use the iPad to differentiate instruction and to address the specific learning needs of students.

    What if I can’t or don’t pay the $75 technology usage fee?

    Students for whom the usage fee has not been paid will receive a loaner device while in school. Non-fee participants cannot take the device home. Additionally, parents/guardians will incur the full costs of repairs and replacement ($660) for damage or loss at school.

    How will the iPads be set up?

    Student iPads will be managed and suites of carefully chosen apps will be installed on the iPads by the IT department. Decisions about what apps and content will be placed on student iPads will be decided by teachers and departments on an ongoing basis. iPads are configured to access the Internet through the school’s Internet filtering system when they are connected at school.

    Can students download apps?

    No. Students and parents are never permitted to download apps unless given specific permission by administration. The school has carefully selected an extensive suite of applications. We will continuously seek out the best educational materials and will solicit suggestions from students, faculty, and parents.

    Can my child purchase a different cover for his/her iPad?

    No. Covers have been carefully selected for their safety and functionality and should be kept on the iPad at all times. To extend the life of the covers, we ask that they not be altered in any way.

    |May my child sync his/her school iPad to his/her iTunes account on a home computer?

    No. As previously mentioned, the iPads will be specially configured and preloaded with a suite of apps carefully chosen by the educational team.

    Our family shares an Apple ID. Can my child use this one?

    No. In order to facilitate iPad backups, participation in iTunesU courses, and iCloud email, students will need to have their own dedicated Apple ID.  Students can use their personal ID to access music.

    Can other people use the iPad during the school day?

    No. The iPad is intended to be an individual student tool and is the responsibility of a particular student. Borrowing or lending iPads at school is not allowed.

    When and where can I use my iPad at school?

    The iPad is an academic tool to be used in the classroom under teacher supervision. iPads are not to be taken into the bathroom, to assemblies, to lunch, or to any other place labeled as an iPad-free zone. The iPad is only allowed in the locker room if permission has been granted by building administration. The iPad should be stored in a locked locker or in the designated iPad storage lockers if available.

    When and how may I use my iPad to record and post images, audio, and video?

    We are excited to integrate the capabilities of the iPad in classroom activities. Everything produced on the iPad should show respect for others. Inappropriate use of the iPad to capture images, audio, or video without the permission of the teacher is not allowed. Multimedia content produced as part of a class assignment will be uploaded to the Office 365 One Drive.

    How will the iPad be charged?

    Students will be issued plug adaptors and cables for charging their iPads at home. The iPad can hold a charge for 10 hours, and our expectation is that students arrive at school each morning with their iPad fully charged. A replacement fee will be charged to student accounts for lost cables and chargers. Parents are encouraged to setup a safe charging area in their home to facilitate nightly charging. Students should use the school-issued charger to charge the iPad.

    What accessories are included, required, or recommended to use with the iPad?

    The iPad will come with a protective case, a plug adapter, and a cable. Earphones/earbuds are highly recommended and will be sold at the school store but students may want other styles, and parents can choose to purchase other models elsewhere. A stylus is recommended for some applications and these will also be sold at the school store but families may want to select their own.

    Will the district provide my child with Internet access at home?

    No. One of the advantages of the iPad is that it has memory to store textbooks and other materials required for homework, making it unnecessary to have Internet access at home. Naturally, an available connection at home will enable a student to use his/her iPad for Internet research, access files stored in the cloud, and to complete some assignments.  The school will provide content filtered Internet access at school.

    Will the district prevent access to inappropriate websites?

    Yes. Student iPads will be configured to use the district web-filter in the district. Great Valley School District has a content filter in place to meet federal guidelines while students use the internet at school.

    Will iPads replace textbooks?

    Not right away. The Teaching and Learning Department is exploring the option to offer textbooks on the iPad.

    What will happen if a student does not bring his or her iPad to school?

    Students will still be responsible for the completion of their classwork, without the use of the device. These are the same expectations that would apply if a student forgot a textbook or other class resource.

    Will the iPads have the new iOS on them?

    Yes, student iPads issued will have the most recent iOS.  

    If I withdraw my child from GVSD schools, what must I do?

    If you withdraw from school officially or because you were absent (Unexcused) for 10 days in a row, you must return the iPad and charger to Great Valley School District. If the iPad and accessories are not returned with original Apple components, Great Valley School District will contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

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