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  • Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

    Great Valley School District makes every effort to equip parents/guardians with the necessary tools and information to ensure safe iPad use in the home.  There are several responsibilities assumed by the parent/guardian.  These are outlined below.

    Signed Student/Parent One to One Agreement

    Parent/Guardian Responsibility

    In order for the student to be permitted to take his/her iPad home, the student and his/her parent/guardian must sign the Student/Parent 1:1 Technology Agreement. The Parent 1:1 Technology Orientation, either an event held at the school or a course that can be completed online, provides the background information about the device.  Check with your student’s school for options and a schedule.

    Accept Liability

    The parent/guardian/student is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement for any device or component not covered under the Apple Care Warranty.

    Monitor Student Use at Home

    Parent/Guardian Responsibility

    The parent/guardian must agree to monitor the student use at home and away from school.  The best way to keep students safe and on-task is to have the parent/guardian present and involved.


    • Investigate and apply parental controls available through your internet service provider.
    • Develop a set of rules/expectations for iPad use at home.  Some websites provide parent/child agreements for you to sign.
    • Only allow iPad use in common rooms (e.g. living room or kitchen) and not in bedrooms
    • Demonstrate a genuine interest in what your student is doing on the iPad. Ask questions and request your child show his or her work often.

    Setting up Parental Controls at Home

    Please refer to the resources below for more information about setting up parental controls on your home network:
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    Parent and Guardian Responsibilities
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