• Reading Comprehension

    Reading comprehension is about much more than answering literal questions at the end of a passage, story, or chapter. Reading comprehension is an ongoing process of evolving thinking. When readers read, they carry on an inner conversation with the text. They respond with delight, wonder, even outrage. They question the text, argue with the author, nod their heads in agreement. They make connections, ask questions, and draw inferences to better understand and learn from what they read. - Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis


    Thinking About Reading

    Readers use strategies to construct meaning.

    What do readers do to help themselves understand and enjoy reading?

    • Use their schema to make connections between what they already know and new information in the text.
    • Make mental images.
    • Ask questions before, during and after reading.
    • Use schema and clues to infer meaning.
    • Pick out Important Ideas
    • Synthesize Information

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