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    "Mathematical literacy is essential for every child's future. A solid mathematics education is essential for an informed public, our national security, a strong economy, and national well-being." National Council for the Teachers of Mathematics

    Ways Parents Can Do Math With Their Children - By Marilyn Burns

    • Each evening, empty your change purse or pocket of coins and, with your child, figure out the total value of the money.

    • When you are going to the movies or to an appointment, have your child figure out what time you need to leave to arrive on time.

    • Let your child see you doing math—measuring ingredients when you're cooking, making change when shopping, keeping score for a game, measuring plant food to feed your houseplants, and so on—and talk aloud about how you're reasoning.

    • Cuddle up with your child and read aloud children's books that have math themes, then talk about the ideas in the stories. (Ask your librarian for suggestions.)

    • Realize your influence on your child's math attitude. Make numbers accessible in game-like, light-hearted, playful ways. Let your children know that math is just another aspect of life and is not to be feared.


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