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    Purple Assignment Sheet & Purple Homework Folder
    All students in Mr. Jameson's Homeroom have Purple Homework Folders and Weekly Assignment Sheets. Students are expected to copy homework and assignments on these sheets each day. They are also expected to have a parent or guardian sign/initial the sheet upon completion of homework each night. We will work toward "graduating" from this requirement as the year progresses.
    Home Reading Log, Post-It Notes & Reading Response
    GWES 5th Graders are expected to read a minimum of 30 minutes per night Monday through Thursday. Home Reading over the weekends is optional.
    Students should read the same book they are reading in class when they read at home!!
    The Home Reading Log should be completed each night. It should be stored in the purple Homework Folder!
    The Home Reading Log will be collected on FRIDAY! Students receive a grade in Skyward for regular completion of the Log. (Points will be adjusted based on sickness, family emergencies, etc.)
    Students are also required to complete 'Mini Responses' each week. The response sheets and grading criteria are attached to the Reading Log!
    Science/Social Studies:
     We are currently studying: WORLD WAR 2

     Math (Mr. Jameson's Class)
    PARENTS: Do you want some extra help with Math in Focus and the Singapore Math Program? Check out the great resources the district has made available on the GVSD Elementary Math Website. You can access it HERE
     We are currently studying:
    Decimals (Chapter 8 & 9) Review for Test & Introduction to volume & quadrilaterals
    Test Alert:
    We will have a summative unit test. It will cover Chapters 8 & 9! Students have a study sheet!
    NOTE: Workbook pages can be printed through Think Central using the access information listed below. Students can print workbook pages to complete at home if they ever happen to forget their workbook. Students are welcome to copy problems onto blank paper if no printer is available.

     Homework will often be Dreambox. Here is the link to Dreambox:


    Access your Dreambox account here:

    Every student has access to the entire TEXTBOOK and WORKBOOK ONLINE at:
    Username: [first initial][last name]25gvsd
    Password: Gw[lunch number]