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    All current homework assignments, long-term projects, test announcements, and homework materials/resources can be found below.

    Assignment Books
    All students in Mr. Jameson's Homeroom have Assignment Books. Students are expected to copy homework and assignments in these books each day. They are also expected to have a parent or guardian sign the book upon completion of homework each night. We will work toward "graduating" from this requirement as the year progresses.
    NEW IPAD OPTION: Students also have the option of using their iPad to "photograph" the homework board. Students who need a signature can have you sign the iPad screen after homework is completed.

    Home Reading Log & Reader's Notebook Response
    GWES 5th Graders are expected to read a minimum of 30 minutes per night Monday through Thursday. Home Reading over the weekends is optional.
    Students should read the same book they are reading in class when they read at home!!
    The Home/School Reading Log should be completed each night. It should be stored in the yellow Language Arts folder.
    The Home/School Reading Log is double-sided. The Logs are collected after 2 weeks. Students receive a grade in Skyward for regular completion of the Log. Each entry is worth 1 point. The completed Log is worth 8 points. (Points will be adjusted based on sickness, family emergencies, etc.)
    Students are also required to complete a Reader's Notebook Response entries. Specific directions for responses will appear in the Reader's Notebooks.

    Science/Social Studies:
     We are currently studying:
     Inventions and Immigration

    Spelling & Vocabulary (Word Study)

    Students have a weekly spelling/vocabulary unit called a "word study" unit. The word study program is called "Words Their Way". The number of words in each unit will vary from week to week. Students will have word cards to use for sorting and word study activities.

    Our units span Wednesday through Wednesday. Students need to complete all of the word sorting/meaning activities by the end of the unit. All word study work is completed in the word study notebook. Students also have opportunities to work with their words in class each week.
    Word Study Homework Assignments:
    Wednesday Night: Word Sort With Cards & Writing
    1. Place your key (pattern) cards down.
    2. Sort your words below the key cards.
    3. Read your sort aloud.
    4. Write the sort on the sheet in your homework packet!
    5. Write a few sentences to explain why you sorted the words the way you did.

    Example: I sorted my words by the short /a/ and long /a/ pattern. I noticed that many words with the long /a/ have a silent /e/ at the end of the word. I put the word “have” in the oddball column because it looks like it should be in the long /a/ column but it doesn’t have the long /a/ sound.

    Thursday Night: Blind Sort With A Helper & 2 Speed Sorts
    1. Place your key words down.
    2. Hand your words to your helper.
    3. Have your helper read the words to you one at a time without you seeing them.
    4. Point to the key word it fits with.
    5. Have your partner place the word in the category you chose.
    6. Check the word to make sure it is in the correct category.
    7. Give the card back to your partner if it is in the wrong category.
    8. Time yourself doing at least 2 speed sorts.
    9. Record your times on the homework sheet.

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Studying words is optional!
    Monday Night: Word Hunt/Make Connections
    1. Create a chart on the sheet in your homework packet.
    2. The number of columns needed will vary depending on how many key cards/words you have!
    3. Search through texts to find new words that match each category. Your goal is to try to connect the spelling rule/pattern to new words.
    4. Try to find 2 or 3 new words that can be sorted into each category.
    5. Write the new words under the correct key words.
    6. If you can’t find any words, brainstorm some with a buddy.

    Tuesday Night: Writing (Oral) Sort/Speed Sorts
    1. Have a buddy call out the words in random order.
    2. Write the words into their categories on the sheet in your homework packet.
    3. Check your spelling. Correct any words you’ve misspelled. Remember to write the letters you made a mistake on with big, heavy writing.

    For example:  there their

    4. Time yourself doing at least 2 speed sorts.
    5. Record your times on your homework sheet.
    Students are tested each Wednesday! (The test may be moved to the following day if we have a short week due to a day off.) The test is comprised of 15 words that appeared on the student list and 5 additional words that follow the spelling pattern learned in the unit. The additional 5 "unknown" words are incorporated in order to assess the child's mastery of the spelling pattern.
     Misplace your word lists?
    You can download lists and sort cards here:

    Math (Mr. Jameson's Class)
    PARENTS: Do you want some extra help with Math in Focus and the Singapore Math Program? Check out the great resources the district has made available on the GVSD Elementary Math Website. You can access it HERE
     We are currently studying:
    Students will record homework assignments in their assignment books. Workbook pages can be printed through Think Central using the access information listed below. Students can print workbook pages to complete at home if they ever happen to forget their workbook. Students are welcome to copy problems onto blank paper if no printer is available.



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