• Assessment:

    60% of your grade will be made up of the following:

    o   Unit tests with objective questions, open-ended questions, and skills-based open response


    25% of your grade will be made up of the following: 

    o  Laboratory work - presentations, posters and/or reports on the experimentation we perform. 


    15% of your grade will be made up of the following:

    • Classroom projects
    • Homework quizzes



    Student Expectations

    1.      1. You will be treated as and expected to conduct yourself as a college level student. The ultimate responsibility to attend class regularly and on time, complete assignments regularly and on time and prepare for all course work is yours. In college, professors have ‘office hours’ when you are able to go and get extra help. Similarly, I am available for ‘office hours’:

    a.       2nd Period Help Center

    b.      4th Period on non-lab days 

    c.       7th Period (my prep period - by appointment only)

    d.      Before school from 7:15 – 7:35 or after school until 3:15 (later if needed). 

    e.      Via email – jbradley@gvsd.org

    2.      2. All work done in class is expected to contain your original ideas. Whenever you are asked to write an individual report or essay, it must be your own work. Any information not provided in our notes or textbook must be cited properly – parenthetically within the body of the report and in MLA format on a works cited page. Plagiarism will result in a zero on the assignment and a discipline referral. Alternative assignments are given for a first offense for half credit. 

    3.      3. We are all in class to learn, you cannot be in this class if you are not interested in biology. As per our first expectation, a college level student does not hinder another student’s right to learn and express their ideas freely. Learning in this class will be done collaboratively, so be sure to help each other through the learning process as much as possible.