• Name: Andrea De Zelaya
    I have always been interested in languages and began studying Spanish in high school, which at that time was the earliest that languages were offered.  I graduated in 1996 with a B.A. in Liberal Arts (concentration in Spanish) from Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA.  I took a year off in the middle to go with a group of other young people to Mexico, where I really had to learn Spanish because it was either sink or swim!  I didn't know what to do after college so I went back to Mexico with another group of friends, doing community service there. 
    In 1999 I went to Honduras, Central America, and taught first grade for one year in a private bilingual school and ended up staying there for over 3 years.  During that time I got married, taught English to adults in a language institute, volunteered with inmates in prisons (counseling), worked as an interpreter in rural areas for week-long medical missions teams from the U.S. and supported soccer programs for boys in poor areas as an incentive to keep them out of gangs.  Those three years in Honduras were an amazing learning experience for me!  I came to love the culture, the beautiful country, and the people.  My husband and I decided to come back to the U.S. fourteen years ago so we could both further our education. 
    My son, Daniel, was born in 2003 and soon after I returned to school. I received my Spanish teaching certificate from West Chester University in 2006 and then began working as one of the elementary Spanish teachers here at Great Valley.  I moved from elementary to secondary Spanish in 2010 and received my Masters in Cultural and Linguistic Diversity from Immaculata University in 2011.  In the next few years I plan to pursue a Doctorate in Linguistics and learn more languages. 
    My husband, Rolando, and I adopted Wilmer, then an 11-year-old boy from Colombia, in September, 2013. Since we speak Spanish at home he fits well into our family! He is slowly adapting to the American culture and learning English. In their free time Wilmer and Daniel enjoy playing soccer and videogames.
    My family in Malaga, Spain. Wilmer has glasses.  
    My family this summer in Malaga, Spain! Wilmer has glasses.