• Physics - 11th Grade

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of (or concurrent enrollment) in AB Calculus, BC Calculus Fundamentals of Calculus, Adv. PreCalculus, PreCalc, Ap Statistics, completion of Algebra 3/Trigonometry, or Basic Algebra 3/Trigonometry.
    Physics is the study of interactions of matter and energy. It is designed for the student to obtain a foundation in physics in preparation for pursuing ian engineering or science degree in college. To be successful, students should have completed or be concurrently enrolled in trigonometry since the fundamental laws of physics are approached through both mathematical derivations and laboratory observations. The "scientific methods" are stressed in performing experiments. Many applications of the laws of physics to the world around us are demonstrated.

    Fundamentals of Physics
    Prerequisites: Successful completion of (or concurrent enrollment) in Advanced PreCalculus, Algebra 3/Trigonometry, Basic Algebra 3/Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra 2 or Algebra 2. This course presents the basic concepts of physics. These are introduced through experiments and classroom demonstrations. The main areas to be covered are Mechanics and Newtonian Physics. The applications of the concepts and laws of physics to our technological society are stressed throughout the course. It is an introductory course for the students who are not planning on a science or engineering major in college, or a career in a science field.

    Topics in Physical Science
    This course presents physics topics with a very limited use of Math. The main areas covered are Mechanics and Newtonian Physics, Applications, Experiments, and hands-on projects are stressed. This course takes a modified approach to Physics Topics.