Sugartown Student Directory


    The Sugartown Student Directory is a great resource for all families.


    The Directory includes parent/student information, Sugartown Elementary School teacher and staff information as well as school district information. NEW features this year include a digital directory accessible via an APP and printable class lists. Families will also have access on the digital APP to a variety of businesses and services in our community throughout the school year.


     To Purchase and Access your Digital


    1.     AtoZ Directories Login Page:    https://schooldirectoryupdate.com/desktop/login.php


    2.     Select "Join as a New Family" located below the login boxes.


    3.     You will see a dialogue box pop up asking for your information.


    4.     First, select Sugartown Elementary as your school and then complete the rest of the information and click submit. (Enter your information, as you would like it to appear in the directory.)


    5.     A message will be sent to a Sugartown PTO administrator who will receive and approve your registration. 


    6.      Once approved you will be able to log in and confirm your data is correct, pay for the NEW digital directory and access the APP.


    For families without Internet or email access you can call Bobbijo Pinnelli at 610-247-3958.

    Other questions can be directed to sugartownstudentdirectory@gmail.com