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Diversity & Inclusion

The efforts of the Great Valley School District around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) clearly align with the long-standing mission of the District to ensure that every student is inspired and prepared to be a passionate lifelong learner and a productive invested participant in the local and global community. Our work around equity and inclusion supports the District's Core Values that were developed by our community as part of our Comprehensive Plan, and is designed to ensure that each child receives what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential. 

students standing outside of their school

Council for Diversity and Inclusion

In 2019, GVSD formed its Council for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) to give a formal structure to the work we’ve been doing for many years to create a welcoming and inclusive school environment. The CDI also provides a structure in which members of the Great Valley community can bring their voice to the District’s efforts. Members engage in critical dialogue around practices and literature relating to diversity and inclusion as they broaden their understanding of different viewpoints. The CDI also serves as a way for administration to gather feedback from the community. 

The founding goals of the CDI:

  • fostering a safe and healthy school climate where all students feel they belong;
  • promoting an inclusive culture that engages and appreciates the diverse assets of students, families, staff and community members;
  • encouraging and expanding the District’s conversations about topics related to equity and social justice; and
  • eliminating systemic inequities and disparities in student achievement and belonging in our schools.

Areas of focus have included:

  • Climate
  • Curriculum
  • Hiring
  • Community Engagement & Outreach

Policies that Support DEI Work in GVSD