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Comprehensive Plan

Great Valley School District completed the Comprehensive Planning process required by the Pennsylvania School Code and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Formerly known as the Strategic Plan, the Comprehensive Plan is comprised of district goals and accomplishments, as well as areas of concern with action plans and implementation steps outlined to support those initiatives. ​ 

This data-driven process allows school districts to collaborate and plan activities and the allocation of resources toward a common vision. 

Established Priorities:

  • Maintain an instructional model for the new 5/6 and 7/8 school structure that provides a horizontal and vertical alignment K-12
  • Develop a shared ownership and implementation of K-12 STEAM curriculum
  • Expand college and career readiness structures and programs to support students as they prepare for post-graduation opportunities
  • Create a safe and inclusive space for all

Download the Comprehensive Plan

Associated Components


The Mission of the Great Valley School District is to ensure that every student is inspired and prepared to be a passionate lifelong learner and a productive invested participant in the local and global community. 

Core Values 

We believe that: 

  • Lifelong learning is essential to individual fulfillment and the betterment of society. 
  • All people have intrinsic worth.
  • Individuals are responsible and accountable for their choices and actions.
  • Each individual has unique gifts and talents.
  • When committed individuals work together toward common goals, the possibilities are infinite.
  • Honesty and integrity are fundamental to healthy relationships.