• MATHCOUNTS is a club for students who enjoy solving challenging math problems for fun both individually and with a team.

    For more information about MATHCOUNTS, visit MATHCOUNTS Official Website.
    • Problem of the Week: Access new MATHCOUNTS problems each week for extra problem solving.
    • MATHCOUNTS Minis: Each MATHCOUNTS Mini video provides detailed explanations for at least one MATHCOUNTS problem and its associated concepts. Each Mini also features an activity sheet to complement the discussed concepts.
    • Past Competitions: Each year MATHCOUNTS makes the previous year's competitions available for FREE on our website. These files are replaced as the current year's competitions are completed. 
    For more problem solving resources, visit The Art of Problem Solving and register for a free account.
    • MATHCOUNTS Trainer: The MATHCOUNTS Trainer has thousands of problems from previous School, Chapter, State, and National MATHCOUNTS competitions. Full solutions are provided for every problem so aspiring MATHCOUNTS mathletes can learn how to approach even the toughest questions.
    • Alcumus: Alcumus is a free adaptive online learning system. It offers students a customized learning experience, adjusting to student performance to deliver appropriate problems and lessons. 
    • Games, Videos, and more!