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    If you child is interested in participating in 7th and 8th grade athletic activities remember that physicals can not be dated before 1 Jun 2020.  See below for further information.  

    On Wednesday May 20th, the High School and Middle School Athletic Departments held a Sports Information Night. Special thaanks to HS Athletic Director, Mike Semar and  Mrs. Jeanne Epenshare and thr GVMS PTO for thier assistance in producing the event.


    Registration Procedures

    We are excited to announce that we will be offering the convenience of online registration through FormReleaf.com. EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2020 THERE WILL NO LONGER BE SUBMISSION OF PAPER FORMS (EXCEPT SECTION 6:  CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORIZEDMEDICAL EXAMINER). THIS WILL GO ONLINE ON JUNE 1,2020 Click here to access the registration 

    FormReleaf.comis a secure registration platform that provides you with an easy, user-friendlyway to register for our programs, and helps us to be more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible. When you register through FormReleaf.com,the system keeps track of your information in your FormReleaf.com profile. 


    *Reminder: Registration on FormReleaf  and the $95 activity fee (checks or money order made payable to “Great Valley School District”) must be handed in together. Sports physicals are valid from June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021.*

    To access a tutorial on how to navagate the Application Process please click
    Video for Great Valley Walk Through

    FALL 2020-2021

    Any student interested in trying out for a Fall Sport should start getting their paperwork together. This would  require a physical.  Please plan ahead. Due to the short window for tryouts your application must be completed and fees must be turned into the office prior to trying out.

    Fall Sports 2020-2021 Season

    Athletic Director -

    Games are played at the High School Stadium and practices are held at practice field. Pick up after practice between 4:30-5:00

    8th Grade Coach: Darren Jerome :  jeromefamily@verizon.net

    7th Grade Coach:  Alex Melconan :    alex.melconian031@gmail.com


    Games and practices are held at  GVMS field 2 behind High School Varsity baseball field (right of Stadium)

    8th Grade Coach: Mrs. Sherri Kratzer, skratzer@gvsd.org
    7th Grade Coach: Mrs.  Diana Cassels, dcassels@gvsd.org

    Field Hockey

    Girls Soccer
    Games and practices are held on field 8 beside Middle School

    8th Grade Coach: Ms. Carley Henry , Chenry@gvsd.org
    7th Grade Coach: Mr. Robert Stewart, RStewart@gvsd.org

    Please refer all communications to Robert Stewart

    Boys Soccer 

    Games and Practices are held on field 9 beside Middle School

    8th Grade Coach: Mr. Derek Brogan, DBrogan@GVSD.org
    7th Grade Coach: OPEN

    Games and Practices are held inside Middle School Gym

    8th Grade Coach:  Mary Fischer-Nassib
    7th Grade Coach: Mrs. Missy Raymond, msraymond@gvsd.org 
    direct communications to Mrs Raymond


    Open to boys and girls in both 7th & 8th Grades. Practices are held on GVMS
    campus. Home meets are behind Middle School
    Head Coach: Mr. Matt Weiner, MWeiner@GVSD.org

    Assistant: Mr. Jon DeVirgilio, JDeVirgilio@gvsd.org



    Open to boys and girls in both 7th & 8th Grades

    Head Coach: Kristin Shawn, kshawn@gvsd.org 
    Cheer Schedule as of 9.11.19


    Some answers to often asked questions can  be found on the Often Asked Question tab. 


    Eligibility: In order to participate in ANY extracurricular activity, students must meet certain academic requirements. Any student with a combination of two or more failing or incomplete current marking period grades, either Academic (E, I) or Qualities of a Learner (U), in the same or different courses will be ineligible to participate the following week. Any student with a combination of two or more failing or incomplete grades, either Academic (E, I) or Qualities of a Learner (U), in the same or different courses at the end of a marking period will be ineligible for a period of twenty days from the time report cards are issued.
    Academic eligibility for all extracurricular activities will be checked weekly. All athletes must meet both school requirements and PIAA requirements for their particular sport.

    Attendance in School: If an athlete is not in school by 11:00 AM, he/she may not participate in any athletic events (games/meets) on that day.


    Athletic Director, Great Valley Middle School