Sports Bulletin

     September 16, 2019 to October 1, 2019

    The coaches reserve the right to make changes to the practice schedule as needed.

     All games begin at 3:15 PM unless specified
    8th Grade play @ 3:15 followed by 7th Grade

    Bus trasportation is provided to and from away games. Return times vary depending on distance.
    Normal returns are  between 4:45 and 5:00.Athletes are expected to return with thier team unless
     a previous arrangement is made with the coach. Attendence at PIAA School games should take
    precident over non -school games 




    Monday, September 16th 
                   2:30 Dismissal --Field Hockey—Home vs. Stetson
                    Practice:Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cheerleading @ HS

    Tuesday, September 17th    
                1:45 Dismissal-Volleyball –Away @ Kennett (2:00 depart)
                Practice:  Football, Field Hockey, , Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cross Country

    Wednesday, September 18th
                2:30 Dismissal-Football -Home vs Spring Ford –8th GRADE ONLY –On Practice Field
                2:30 Dismissal – Boys Soccer –Home vs. Fugett
                2:00 Dismissal – Girls soccer Away @ Fugett (2:15 Depart)
                  Practice:   Field Hockey, Volleyball, Cross Country, Cheerleading @ MS

    Thursday, September 19th

                2:30 Dismissal Volleyball- Home vs. Engle

                 Practice:  Football, Field Hockey, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cross Country

    Friday, September 20th

                2:30 Dismissal – Boys Soccer –Home vs Stetson
                2:00 Dismissal – Girls Soccer Away @ Stetson  (2:15 Depart)        
                2:00 Dismissal—Cross Country-Away vs. Engle & Lionville @ Lionville (2:00 Depart)
                Practice:  Football, Field Hockey, Volleyball

    Monday, September 23rd

                2:00 Dismissal-Field Hockey --Away @ Pierce (2:15 depart
                2:30 Departure-Volleyball-Home vs. Kennett         
                1:45 Dismissal- Bays s Soccer –Away @ North Brandywine (2:00 Depart)
                2:30 Dismissal- Girls Soccer—Home vs North Brandywine
    Practice:  Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Cheerleading @HS

    Tuesday, September 24th  

                Practice:  Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cross Country, Field Hockey

    Wednesday, September 25th
                2:30 Dismissal-Football-Home vs Engle with Cheerleading
                1:45 Dismissal-Volleyball-Away @ Chichester (2:00 Depart)
                1:45 Dismissal- Girls Soccer –Away Engle (2:00 Depart)
                2:30 Dismissal- Boys Soccer—Home vs Engle
                1:45 Dismissal-Field Hockey-Away @ Chichester (2:00 Depart)
                 Practice,  Cross Country

    Thursday, September 26th

                2:30 Dismissal—Cross Country Home vs North Brandywine  
                Practice:  Football, Field Hockey,  Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer
    Friday, September 27th

    2:00 Dismissal-Volleyball – Away @ Pierce (2:15 Depart)
    2:30 Dismissal-Girls Soccer-Home vs. Patton
    Practice:  Football,  Cross Country, Boys Soccer,  Field Hockey


    Monday, September 30th


    Tuesday, October 1st

                1:45 Dismissal –Field Hockey—Away @ Kennett (2:00 Depart)

                2:30 Dismissal- Volleyball-Home vs. Fugett