An eSchool Solution to a traditional school program

  • The Great Valley Virtual Academy (GVVA) provides sixth to 12th grade students residing in the Great Valley School District with the opportunity to receive an educational program online while having access to the supports that are available from the District.
    Developed by the Chester County Intermediate Unit and the 21st Century Cyber Charter School, the Great Valley Virtual Education program uses the curriculum and professional staff of the Brandywine Virtual Academy (BVA) to deliver its course content. All BVA courses are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and meet the Pennsylvania State Academic Standards. Students who complete requirements for graduation will receive a Great Valley School District diploma.
    Challenging coursework
    While the Great Valley Virtual Academy provides a flexible schedule that allows students to complete the educational program outside of the structured school day, students will find the course work to be rigorous and demanding.
    Individualized attention
    Guidance counselors and school administrators work with Great Valley students and parents to determine whether the Great Valley Virtual Academy program is appropriate for them, and to select the appropriate courses in which those students should enroll.
    Characteristics for success
    Not all students are able to adapt to the online learning environment. The most successful online learners are those who are:
    • Self-directed
    • Motivated to learn
    • Organized
    • Self-advocates
    • Able to communicate electronically
    And, who possess:
    • Excellent literacy skills
    • Basic computer skills
    • Strong self-discipline

    For more information, please contact:
    Stephen O'Toole, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent
    (610) 889-2125, ext. 51973