• Chick Cam
    Click on the link below to view the chick cams!


    Due to an egg shortage, this year we also have two duck eggs!


    With help from of Quiver Farms, the children are able to watch and experience the life cycle of the chicken.  Quiver Farms, brings us 7  fertilized eggs.  Normally it takes approximately 21 days for a chicken egg to hatch.  These eggs were laid around March 30, 2021 and should hatch sometime between Sunday, April 18th and Tuesday the 20th.
    The children have been learning all about Embryology, Oviparous animals, and what the eggs, chicks, and chickens need .   After the eggs hatch,and the chicks have dried the camera and chicks will be moved to the brooder box for the remainder of the week.  After they spend the week in with us, they will go back to Quiver Farms.  We hope you enjoy the Webcam as much as we do!!!!!