Activity Fees

  • Great Valley School District assesses activity fees for student participation in extra curricular activities. 

    At the elementary level:
    Elementary students who participate in extra curricular activities are required to pay a fee of $40 per activity. For example, if your elementary student participates in Envirothon and the musical, he/she is required to pay $40 per activity for a total of $80.
    At the secondary level:
    Secondary students are required to pay a fee of $95 per activity. Click here to see the list of activities for which a fee must be collected. Any activity on this list will be assessed the $95 fee.
    Level and Family Caps:
    To assist families with multiple students, the District has imposed caps on activity fees as follows:
    • Elementary - Individual student cap at $120; family cap at $300;
    • Secondary – Individual student cap at $285; family cap at $750;
    • District-wide – No family will be required to pay more than $750 per school year.

    Parents who believe they have exceeded these financial limits should contact their child’s principal.

    All activity fees will be waived for students who qualify for our free or reduced lunch program. If your child qualifies for free or reduced lunch, please contact your child’s principal so arrangements can be made. Strict confidentiality will be maintained.
    Please be aware of some additional details:
    • Fees will be collected by each activity sponsor/advisor;
    • Fees may be paid by check, PayForIt, money order or cash;
    • Students may not participate in the activity(ies) until the fee for the activity is paid;
    • Fees are non‐refundable except in cases that involve roster limitations and try‐out situations;
    • Refunds will not be issued when students quit, transfer schools, sustain injury, or are dismissed from a team/activity.

     If you have specific questions regarding activity fees, please contact your building principal.