Miss Reilly
    6th Grade LA and Math
    7th Grade Learning Support
    610-644-6440   ex. 71217
    Located in Room 217
    Hi parents and students!
    I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy during this time. 
    In order to assist with access to resources that have been curated by your student’s teachers, the Great Valley School District Special Education Department has begun the process of gathering a list of technology-based skill-maintenance support resources for each of our students.  This plan will not provide full-day opportunities and will, for now, be an “on-demand” review of skills that your student has worked on prior to our state mandated closure.   
    Readworks.org – This resource has stories for students to access.  Stories can be read aloud to the student using audio.  There are also comprehension questions for each story.
    TO LOG IN:
    1. Go to Readworks.org
    2. Click “Student Log In”
    3. Enter Class Code
      • Period 1 and 2: 7BYZ3G
      • Period 3 and 4: Y4QCMX
      • READING LAB: T2KR74
    4. Select YOUR NAME
    5. Password: your 6 digit Lunch/ID number
    iXL.com – This resource has different skill sets that we have learned throughout the school year. 
    TO LOG IN:
    1. Go to ixl.com
    2. Enter username and password at top of screen.
      • Username: first name and last name (no spaces, or hyphen) if that doesn’t work, try adding 319 at the end of your name
        • EXAMPLE OF USERNAME:  johnsmith  OR   johnsmith319
      •  PASSWORD: 6 digit lunch number
    3. Click “Sign In”
    4. The home page should be under “Learning” – “Recommendations”
    5. In the top right of the page, look for the ORANGE STAR for skills recommended by the teacher.
    6. Click on the skills recommended.
    iPad Resources:  If you do not have access to these apps, please email me.
    • Epic
    • Read A-Z
    Other resources:
    You may also continue reading your PCR book, or any books you have at home.
    If you have any questions or need assistance, please email me.
    Thank you,
    Ms. Reilly