• Ms. Kim Barben

    High School Social Studies


    Phone Extension:  22151

    Classroom:  151

    Courses Taught 2018-2019:  4 Sections of Eleventh Grade Honors Government and Economics, 1 Semester Section of International Relations, and 1 Semester Section of Twentieth Century European History


    This TeacherPage will no longer be maintained.   Everything will be posted in Canvas.  Please go into Canvas to access:


    1. Course Overview and Expectations

    2.  Handouts for How to Access Online Textbook, How to Use Canvas, How to use OneDrive

    3.  All Lesson Plans

    4.  All Graphic Organizers

    5.  All Supplemental Readings

    6.  All PowerPoints

    7.  All Assessment Directions

    8.  All Assessment Grade Sheets

    9.  All Assessments will be submitted to be graded through Canvas or the online textbook as indicated.

    9.  Study Guides for Unit Tests


    Thank you.