• Strategies and Structures for a Successful Core Extension Time


    • Written responses in journals
    • Editing writing
    • Author's tea, sharing time, presentation of projects
    • Poetry

    Other LA ideas

    • Daily edit
    • Handwriting
    • Dictionary skills
    • Spelling practice

    Science/Social Studies


    • Computer – CCC, Read naturally, Type to Learn, etc
    • Study Island
    • Videoconferencing
    • United Streaming Center
    • Resources:
    • Power library

    Organizational Management Strategies Resources

    • Center Charts
    • Contracts
    • Center Map


    Other Ideas

    • IST and reading specialists pull kids during C/E when they need data for reports, CER
    • Centers
    • Choices – use a contract with a due date
    • Anchor activities
    • Finishing up missed work/extra time for tests and assignments
    • Community building activities
    • Character Counts
    • Guest speaker or guest reader
    • Seasonal/holiday activities
    • Review games
    • Desk/folder clean out and organize
    • Grade level teachers each specialize in a review area
    • Grade level teachers teach together