• Welcome to the Great Valley Preschool Program

    The Great Valley Preschool is operated in conjunction with the Child Development Course offered by the Family and Consumer Science Department. It provides an opportunity for high school students to reinforce learning through observation and direct contact with young children under teacher supervision. Through the experience, both the high school students and the preschool children have an opportunity to develop greater self-understanding, find satisfying relationships with others, and increase their knowledge and skills needed to live successfully in our society.

    Preschool Information

    • The preschool session runs October through May.
    • 12 to 16 children are selected to participate in the preschool program.
    • The preschool day is 2 ½ hours long.
    • The 4 and 5-year-old preschool program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon.
    • The cost is $575.00 for the year.
    • Tuesday and Thursday morning the 3 year old program runs.
    • The cost is $475.00 for the year.

    The Great Valley Preschool program offers a joyful start to their school experience. They participate in circle time, ABC lessons, story time, snack and math, music appreciation, and physical and social development. If you have any questions and would like an application for your preschooler please contact Krista Jorgenson at 610-889-1900 ext. 22201.