• Marching Band FAQ

    Q: What is Marching Band? 
    A: It is an awesome group of fun and diverse students who enjoy learning about making music and performing! This group is an extra-curricular activity - similar to a fall sport.  All practices and events are outside of the school day.  It is not a class and grades are not given.  The time commitment and expectation of attendance is like that of a varsity sport.  

    Q: Who is involved in Marching Band?
    A: The GVHS Marching Band is comprised of students musicians and color guard members in grades 9-12.  Students often have prior experience in music or dance, however no prior experience is required. Many students come to marching band because they are looking for a positive experience and/or have a friend in marching band.  The only requirement for participation is a positive, team-first attitude. Due to the nature of this activity, the success of the group depends on each member equally -  no one student is more or less important than another!  All achieve success together as equal parts of one whole.

    Q: What does the Marching Band do? 
    A: The Marching Band represents the pride of Great Valley High School at varsity football games, parades, and adjudicated festivals.  The band learns a field show, parade songs, stand tunes, and a whole lot more. There are trips, food, away games, food, Cavalcades, food, lots of laughs, and food.

    Q: Does high school band conflict with academics?
    A: No - research shows that it ENHANCES academics! Students participating in band typically score higher on SAT and maintain a higher GPA. The average GPA of the GVHS band is over 3.70, and a large percentage of the members participate in Honors and Advanced Placement classes.  Many students report that their grades are actually better during the marching band season.

    Q: When does the Marching Band practice/perform?
    A: Because everyone plays a vital role, attendance at all rehearsals and performances is essential. The band maintains an active rehearsal schedule through the beginning of November, and summer rehearsals are where the group lays the groundwork for greatness! The calendar can be found at https://www.gvsd.org/Page/9872 (you can use the "arrow" in the top right to toggle calendars and see just marching band)
    *** Marching Band Hype Day will be on Saturday, June 9th from 9:00am-2:00pm.  This will be a chance for new students to meet the returning students, play a little bit, and do a performance for your parents and families!  Come check it out***
    A formal meeting for interested students and parents will be on TBD  fromTBD in Room 222 at the high school. 
    In June and July, members are expected to be at rehearsal if they are in town. Please attempt to schedule family vacations in June and/or July. Summer vacations/trips in June/July are considered excused absences… please email Mr. Ceresini to let him know when you will be away, and have fun!  

    Beginning with Band Camp in August, rehearsal attendance is mandatory to ensure the band is ready for a successful season. Attendance at all performances is essential to the success of the group. If you know of a conflict that already exists for 2018, please inform Mr. Ceresini immediately to see if it can be worked around. 

    Once school starts the Marching Band will only meet outside of the school day, usually on Thursday evenings with some Monday/Tuesday sectionals.  Football games are usually on Friday nights.  In addition the band will participate in four or five Cavalcades on Saturdays.

    Q: To be in Concert Band, do I HAVE to be in the Marching Band?
    A: Not at all! Concert Band and Marching Band are mutually exclusive - you can be in one and not the other. That being said, a majority of student members do BOTH in high school. :) It's important to know that you typically MUST be in Concert Band in order to participate in Jazz Band. Or, you could just do all three!

    Q: I am interested in taking part in other activities where there may be conflicts; can I still be in the band?
    A: For sure! Band students also play sports, are members of other clubs, and get the full Great Valley High School experience! Mr. Ceresini is willing to work with coaches and and advisers in order to come up with a schedule compromise that most benefits the student. If you want to participate but don't know if it will work out...email me!

    Q: Can I be in high school band AND orchestra? Choir?
    A: ABSOLUTELY! Marching Band is always open to string players or members of choir who are looking to march because it is such an awesome experience!  In addition, student schedules can be built to allow students to participate in concert band and orchestra along with choir. 

    Q: I feel like I can barely play my instrument while sitting down…how in the world am I supposed to do that marching band stuff?
    A: Great question! My response to this is always “you’ve gotta try it.” Our success rate with students who try is holding steady at 100%. By being brave and believing in yourself, you will achieve whatever it is that you set out to do. You’ll be amazed at what kind of person is inside of you!

    Q: I was planning on taking honors/AP classes and I’m afraid of the workload along with the marching band…what should I do?
    A: Many of the students in the band program are enrolled in honors/advanced placement courses and have been since they began their academic careers. While moving on to high school can be a frightening experience due to increased academic pressures, the overwhelming majority of band students develop advanced organizational skills, a strong work ethic, and a drastic increase in academic discipline due to their experiences with our program. Our band members are high achieving students who form a strong support structure both academically and emotionally. Band members help each other out with everything, not just music!

    Q: Does the band go on trips?
    A: In addition to traveling to away games and Cavalcades, the band takes "longer" trips bi-yearly.  In past years, the band has performed in Universal Studios, Disney World, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Quebec. 

    Q: I don't always have transportation to or from school. Can I still be in band?
    A: Yes! The support system around the band is great and many families carpool in order to help each other out.  If you need a ride, just ask!  There are plenty of people who think band is great and would be happy to help get you there.

    Q: I have a REALLY great question but I can’t seem to find it here…what should I do?!?!?
    A: The best question of all! Mr. Ceresini would absolutely love to talk to you and your family about the high school band experience.
    Call Mr. Ceresini at 610-889-1900 ext. 22223 OR email at mceresini@gvsd.org