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    Welcome to the Student Services website.
    We hope that you will find helpful information on our pages.
    Student Services helps students:
    Deal with issues that interfere with academics so that they can do their best in school
    Understand themselves and others
    Cope with stress
    Develop self-control and take responsibility for their actions
    Make healthy decisions
    Student Services helps parents:
    Participate effectively in their children's education
    Better understand and meet their children's social and emotional needs
    Access school and community resources
    Students Services helps schools:
     Understand factors (cultural, societal, economic, familial, etc.) that affect students' abilities to make maximize their school experience
     Improve school climate

    Click on the following link for a word on parenting.  It could make a difference for your son or daughter:
    An important message from A. Michael Blanche, a leader in Chester County's work with drugs and alcohol:
    "Please see this sad, important link of accurate information on the level of the opiate epidemic in our state.  The very sad truth is these numbers are low compared to this year.  Please know I believe we all can and have had an impact on changing these numbers, it’s just a challenging battle that we need to raise the awareness to the severity and complexity of the issue
    Please pass link along to whomever you think needs to know."