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    Welcome to Room 119
    Matthew Wise
    8th Grade American History
    mwise@gvsd.org  610-644-6440, 610-644-6442 ext. 71119
    Most recent Homework assignments:  Click on Maps/Homework for the documents:
    Final Draft of Civil War Paper due May 10th (40 Points Summative)
    3rd Body Paragraph Due Friday, April 26th (10 Points Formative)
    2nd Body Paragraph Due Thursday, April 11th (10 Points Formative)
    MLA Heading + Thesis Statement + 1st Body Paragraph with In-Text Citations due for Editing on Monday, April 8th (5 Points Formative)
    Manifest Destiny Map Due Monday, March 11.  (10 points Formative)
    Manifest Destiny
    Chapter 11 Test Friday, March 1st (25 Points Summative)
    Andrew Jackson Facebook Page Due Wednesday, February 27th (10 Points Formative)
    Chapter 9 Test on Friday, February 8th (25 Points Summative)
    WCML Radio Broadcast Script and Graphic Organizer due on February 4th (25 Points Summative)
    Lewis and Clark Inventory List and Map Activity with Critical Thinking Response Due on January 31st (15 Points Formative)
    Field Trip to Constitution Center scheduled for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5th.  Packets will be submitted upon arrival back to school that day. (5 Points Formative)
    Constitution Field Trip Form and $20 due in Office by January 21st.
    Chapter 8 Test on Monday, January 14th (30 Points Summative)
    Chapter 8 Review Activity Due Friday, Jan 11th (5 points Formative)
    Constitution Test Tuesday, December 18th (35 Points Summative)
    Chapter 7 Review Activity Due December 17th (5 Points Formative)
    Articles of Confederation Speech for the Ages Due November 20th (20 Points Formative)
    Philadelphia Campaign Map Activity Monday, November 12th (15 Points Formative)
    Philadelphia Campaign Presentations Monday, November 5th (30 Points Summative)
    Chapter 5 Test is on Monday, October 22nd (35 Points Summative)
    Chapter 5 Review Activity Due on Friday October 19th (5 Points Formative)
    Revolutionary Tea Poetry Analysis Due Monday October 15th (15 Points Formative)
    Chapter 4 Test on Thursday, October 4th (30 Points Summative)
    Chapter 4 Review Activity presented on Wednesday, October 3rd (5 points Formative)
    13 Colonies Map Activity Due Thursday, September 28th (20 Points Formative) 
    Chapter 3 Test on Friday, September 21st (30 Points Summative)
    Jamestown Plymouth
    Chapter 3 Review Activity Due Thursday, September 20th (5 Points Formative)
    13 Colonies 60 Second Story Presentations on Monday, September 17th. (5 Points Formative)


    Make sure your parents receive their Back to School Night Schedules.

    Obtain Colored Pencils for your Map Activities throughout the year.

    Do you have a notebook with paper?

    Do you have a binder/folder to organize your worksheets and assignments?