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    If you child is interested in participating in 7th and 8th grade athletic activities remember that physicals
    can not be dated before 1 Jun 2017.  
    See below for further information.
    dated 22 March 2017 (located in the bottom left hand corner)
    General GVMS Sports Info 2017-2018

    *Reminder: ALL Sports forms (PIAA Form and Athletic Emergency Card) and the $95 activity fee (checks or money order made payable to “Great Valley School District”) must be handed in together. Sports physicals are valid from June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018.*

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    Information for Parents of Student Athletes

    • High School and 7th and 8th Grade Middle School students wishing to participate in interscholastic athletics must have an initial physical performed by their personal family physician after June 1.

    • Parent/Guardian must complete a PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation form. Your personal family physician needs to complete Section 6 of the form. Please click here to download and print the physical form. This is a new form updated on/  Revised: March 22, 2017 to include an addendum regarding Sudden Cardiac Arrest Symptoms and Warning Signs. Forms are also provided under the “Resources” tab of the PIAA Website. Please also fill out the Emergency Athletic Card and return it with your student’s PIAA Form along with the $95 activity fee. (check made payable to GVMS)

    • Physicals for fall sports should not be performed earlier than June 1st. Physicals are to be completed prior to the first scheduled practice date (see dates below): 

      • Football 2017 practice begins August 22nd 

      • Fall 2017 Sports begin August 30th

      • Winter 2017 Sports begin in November

      • Spring 2018 Sports begin March 

    • Physicals can be dropped off in the main office Tuesday - Thursday from 9:00AM - 2:00PM 

    • Physicals are valid for all three seasons in the current school year – unless an injury/illness occurs. (Example – physicals done in February 2017 are NOT valid for sports in August 2017.)

    • Parents of athletes wishing to participate in subsequent sport seasons in the current school year only need to complete the PIAA Re-Certification By Parent/Guardian (PIAA Section 7) prior to the start of the subsequent season.Section 7 is for athletes that have not sustained any injury since the submission of the original CIPPE form.

      Athletes wishing to participate in subsequent sport seasons who have been injured and treated by a physician since their initial physical need to fill out a Re-Certification By Licensed Physician of Medicine or Osteopathic Medicine (PIAA Section 8) and have it signed by their doctor.

    • It is strongly recommended that athletes schedule their physicals sometime in June or July for the upcoming school year.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Section 6 PIAA Physical Form is different than a regular report from your child's physician. Attaching a physical report to the PIAA Forms rather than having the physician fill out the Section 6 page does not qualify as valid clearance for sports. Section 6 of the PIAA MUST be filled out by your physician.

    Eligibility: In order to participate in ANY extracurricular activity, students must meet certain academic requirements. Any student with a combination of two or more failing or incomplete current marking period grades, either Academic (E, I) or Qualities of a Learner (U), in the same or different courses will be ineligible to participate the following week. Any student with a combination of two or more failing or incomplete grades, either Academic (E, I) or Qualities of a Learner (U), in the same or different courses at the end of a marking period will be ineligible for a period of twenty days from the time report cards are issued.

    Academic eligibility for all extracurricular activities will be checked weekly. All athletes must meet both school requirements and PIAA requirements for their particular sport.


    Attendance in School: If an athlete is not in school by 11:00 AM, he/she may not participate in any athletic events (games/meets) on that day.


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    John Snyder

    Athletic Director, Great Valley Middle School

    610.644.6442 ext. 71121

    Email: jwsnyder@gvsd.org