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    Susan Bullard – School Nurse


    Katie Jacobs – LTS Nurse



    Direct line - 610-644-6441

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    If you need immediate assistance, please call the Middle School Main Office at 610-644-6440.

    Student Health and the School Nurse
    School nurses encourage student wellness through education on nutrition, good health habits, exercise, and proper sleep. We suggest that you encourage your child to eat the necessary foods to insure proper growth and development, including breakfast, and to practice other good health habits such as plenty of exercise and eight to ten hours of sleep to contribute to his/her well-being.

    School nurses work under written orders of the school physician for first aid. School nurses are prohibited by law to diagnose injuries or illnesses. Please do not send your child to the nurse for diagnosis. We believe that decisions regarding the need for medical care rests finally with the parents. Therefore, parents are always contacted to take the child home or to the doctor as the need arises. Transportation is the responsibility of the family.

    Please feel free to call the nurse anytime for information. We look forward to a continued partnership with parents working toward healthy and strong Great Valley School District children.