• The GV kindergarten classrooms study animals all year.  We learn about animal structures, habitats, ways they move and their needs.  During the year,  we study 2 types of fish, 2 types of worms,  2 types of Isopods (Rolly-polly bugs)  and our favorite unit is the Embryology unit.    
    With help from of Quiver Farms, the children are able to watch and experience the life cycle of the chicken.  This year Quiver Farms  brought us 12  fertilized eggs.   Chicken eggs take  21 days to hatch.  The eggs we are currently incubating were laid around April 12th and should hatch sometime between Monday, May 2nd and Tuesday May 3rd.
    Live stream from Sugartown brooder box:   
    The children have been learning all about Embryology, Oviparous animals, and what the eggs, chicks, and chickens need.   After the eggs hatch,and the chicks have dried the camera and chicks will be moved to the brooder box for the remainder of the week.  After they spend the week in with us, they will go back to Quiver Farms.   If all goes as planned, we hope to have the ducks swimming in the classroom for a few days too.
    We hope you enjoy the Webcam as much as we do!!!!!