• Spring page
     Dear Students and Parents,
    This year we will be learning many skills to become strong readers and writers.  One wonderful tool we use is poetry! Each student has a binder we are filling with poems to read and enjoy as warm-ups in Reader's Workshop.  Below is a spring poem we're learning this month.  Enjoy this wonderful season!
    Warm regards, Mrs. Doyle

    My Spring Garden

    Here is my little garden,
    Some seeds I'm
    Going to sow.

    Here is my rake
    To rake the ground,
    Here is my handy hoe.

    Here is the big
    Round yellow sun,
    The sun warms everything.
    Here are the rain clouds
    In the sky,
    The birds will start to sing.

    Little plants will
    Wake up soon,
    And lift their sleepy heads.
    Little plants will
    Grow and grow
    From their warm earth beds.