The Office of Communications & Outreach  

  • Through a variety of means, the District Communications Office engages with the outside community and within the district staff.
    New and on-going issues and matters of concern are highlighted on our web site. Student and staff achievements, budgetary information, and news about new programs and initiatives supported by the taxpayers are included. 
    Monthly School Board meetings are taped and aired on GVTV and online. A summary of the Board's monthly business meeting is available online, as well as emailed to subscribers. The School Board's Work Session and Regular Meeting, as well as Finance Committee meetings, are broadcast to the Great Valley community. GVTV also broadcasts programs about district and school building initiatives and upcoming events, and special programming designed to highlight staff and student achievement.
    In addition, the Communications Office designs and prints the annual activities calendar that is distributed to student homes every school year. This calendar, which includes the dates of events in the individual schools throughout the year, is a valuable resource to parents and students. Vacations and other key district-wide dates are also included in the calendar, as is general information concerning the schools. 
    Through the telephone and e-mail, the Communications Office is also always ready to respond to inquiries from the public, the staff, or the media. For the most part, these inquiries are answered directly. If necessary, inquiries are directed to an appropriate administrator.
    In addition to our direct communications work, we also coordinate annual outreach campaigns to help families with school supplies, holiday meals, and holiday gifts. In collaboration with our local churches, we help more than 100 families who are in need every year.
    Finally, the Communications Office facilitates the placement of senior citizen volunteers in our schools. By managing the TLC Program we ensure that the talents of our senior community are utilized in our schools.


    Contacting Us

    Jennifer Blake is the Director of Communications and Outreach. She can be reached via email at, or by phone at (610) 889-2100, 52305.
    Kevin Fitzpatrick is the TV Studio Manager/District Video Producer. He can be reached via email at, or by phone at (610) 889-1918, ext. 22175.
    Jessica Leitch is the Administrative Assistant in the Communications Office. She can be reached via email at, or by phone at (610) 889-2100, ext. 52126.