• Meet Mrs. Wilson

    Greetings Friends!
    This is my eighteenth year teaching in Great Valley, and in my opinion, it's the best!  My Great Valley experience started with student teaching fourth grade with the amazing Mr. Wilkey at GWES.   Everyone at GV made student teaching so special, that I knew this is where I needed to be forever.  Luckily after I graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education, I was hired at GWES.  I have since graduated from Penn State with a Masters in Special Education.  We are...Penn State!  I'm looking forward to share all I've learned with you at ST!
    In addition to being a teacher, I am also a mother to three wonderful children named Emilie, Michael, and Meghan.  Emilie is entering 9th grade, Michael is entering 6th grade, and Meghan is entering 5th grade.  My wife, Mrs. Wilson, is a mail carrier at the Malvern post office.  I look forward to you meeting my loved ones at a ST sponsored event.


    Animal: puppies
    Book: Maniac Magee
    Color: red
    Drink: coffee
    Food: ice cream
    Hobby: reading, singing, and trying new foods
    TV show:  Golden Girls
    Song:  "You Make It Easy" by Jason Aldean
    Sport: football (Go Steelers!)
    Subject: I love them all!
    Vacation spots: Beach                         

    Summer Highlights:

    1. New home

    2. New puppy

    3. Younique Convention

    4. Meeting new friends

    My Fourth Grade Experience
    Do you know the book Thank you, Mr. Falker?  My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Carter, was my Mr. Falker.
    I attended  Burton Elementary School in Huntington Woods, MI, and Mrs. Carter is the reason that I became a teacher.  I had always been an excellent student until I entered 4th grade.  I do not understand why, but everything started getting really hard for me that year.  I remember feeling like I wasn't smart anymore and that my teacher didn't like me.  My mom scheduled a conference with Mrs. Carter and she made me go too!  I was so scared, but Mrs. Carter told me that she cared about me and my feelings.  When I explained how I felt like I wasn't good at anything, she immediately started explaining all of the reasons that I am smart and talented.  She also told me how much she cared about me and gave me a big hug. Mrs. Carter and I worked so hard together that year!  I felt like the smart and talented student that she told me I was, and I knew that she cared about me. 
    Once I grew up and went to college to become a teacher, I wrote Mrs. Carter a letter thanking her again for making me believe in myself and work hard.  Now that I am a teacher, I work hard to make sure that all of my students feel smart and important.  I know that I cannot be Mrs. Carter, but I try hard every day in the classroom to be as wonderful to my students as she was to me.
    Where is
    Mrs. Wilson?
    Here are some of my favorite hideouts:
    1. Target
    2. Starbucks
    3. King St. in Malvern
    4. Anywhere I can take our puppy!